Sunday, 8 February 2009

Metamorphoses, Belgian fairytales & Pythagorean Metaphysics

Sitting in the gold - having received a rather invaluable present from mister Fury... as it consequently inspired a final push to finishing the then latest piece of work. Poster for a production of Maurice Maeterlinck's Pelleas & Melisande (above) - while drinking 'star' and 'freedom' we talked on the nature of us, our inability to win fights, the company it leads us to... and our soundtrack to the winter of 'our' discontent. all amidst fits of laughter, shark insults and waitress paranoia (... on our part)

A little girl weeping by the water's edge?
[_He coughs._]--She does not hear me. I cannot see her face. [_He
approaches and touches_ MELISANDE _on the shoulder._] Why weepest
thou? [MELISANDE _trembles, starts up, and would flee._]--Do not be
afraid. You have nothing to fear. Why are you weeping here all alone?

MELISANDE. -Do not touch me! do not touch me!

GOLAUD. - Do not be afraid.... I will not do you any.... Oh, you are beautiful!

MELISANDE. - Do not touch me! do not touch me! or I throw myself
in the water!...

GOLAUD. - I will not touch you.... See, I will stay here, against the tree. Do not be afraid. Has any one hurt you?

MELISANDE - Oh! yes! yes! yes!... [_
She sobs profoundly._]

GOLAUD. - Who has hurt you?

MELISANDE. -Every one! every one!

GOLAUD. - What hurt have they done you?

MELISANDE. - I will not tell! I cannot tell!...

GOLAUD. - Come; do not weep so. Whence co
me you?

MELISANDE. - I have fled!... fled ... fled....

GOLAUD. - Yes; but whence have you fled?

MELISANDE. - I am lost!... lost!... Oh! oh! lost here.... I am not of this place.... I was not born there....

GOLAUD. - Whence are you? Where were you born?

MELISANDE. - Oh! oh! far away from here!... far away ... far away....

In case of mild curiosity (and i'd hate to leave u guessing... ;)

..... the inspirational gift!

Which now plays bookmark to my new copy of Ovid's Metamorphoses - the latest (and no doubt to be continual) source of inspiration.

On returning back to sleepy lewes i was welcomed home by a mint condition set of The Yellow Books sitting on our bookshelf!... amazing.